Bucks County Artist

Often times the most amazing things are right here within our midst.  With all of the history and culture that is a part of Bucks County it is fitting that one of the most gifted artists on the East Coast and perhaps the nation is right here among us.  Bucks County native Jim Lukens is as talented an artist as you will find and his presence is being felt all across our region.  His work is featured in a number of prominent art galleries such as Chapman Gallery in Doylestown, PA., The Village Art Gallery in Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA , and Trisha Vergis Gallery in Lambertville Nj.

Lukens has established a reputation for his unique representation of his heart and home, working from his studio in Richland Township, near Quakertown.  Lukens has been painting since elementary school, a long time by any stretch of the imagination.  With his grandfather being an artist it was almost inevitable that he too would follow suit.  Mr. Lukens remembers admiring his grandfather’s paintings including one of Abraham Lincoln that was taken directly from a penny. Schooled at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Lukens honed his craft and got added motivation from the instructors at the Academy who were sure to instill confidence in all who attended.  “My strongest memory of my experience there was during orientation the staff gave our class a standing ovation,” Lukens says. “ They looked at us like we were going to be important and they treated us as such.”

 Lukens classifies himself as a landscape painter who paints in the impressionist style.  Having been born and raised in Bucks County he gets his overall inspiration directly from the landscape of Bucks County.  He did spend 7 years in Palm Springs painting desert landscapes, but longed for home and painting landscapes that change so markedly with season.  Lukens offers a few options when it comes to attaining his work.  In addition to the originals he produces select editions that are reproductions on canvas.  Encore Editions in Lahaska provides well stocked inventory with Elizabeth and Sarah , artists in their own right there to lead.

 For up and coming artists Lukens suggests following that template, “Paint what you like. Stick to your style and be honest to yourself.  No one can ever argue with that,” Lukens says. 

Jim Lukens is a special talent in the Bucks County community and there are many ways to enjoy his work. Trisha Vergis Gallery , newly formed ,debues this summer. Located at The Laceworks Building in Lambertville NJ, this venue promises the visitor an amazing display of talent and service, which can't help but be an all aroud success with Trish at the helm. Chapman Gallery’s participation in ‘First Friday’s’ coincides with their move to the center of Doylestown, PA which gives Lukens’s work a prominent platform. John himself along with Barley and Vicky are present full time to see to your every need , whether it's choosing the right piece from their perfect cross cut of Bucks County Impressionists, or finding that "just right" frame. In addition Lukens’ work also shows in the Village Art Gallery in Peddlers Village with a wonderful window view. Owner/artist Chris Willitt is on hand to be your quintessential Gallery Guide.

Although Lukens has developed a loyal following he still remains one of Bucks County’s best kept secrets. He has utilized his talents to the fullest and shared his love of the area’s landscape and natural beauty with us on canvas.